The Cradle to Cradle® optimized cotton collection

All garments of the collection, have been made according to the ecological Cradle to Cradle® standards. They are made of 100% biodegradable material developed by „Trigema“ in Germany. When the fabric quality is finaly is disposed of, all materials can easily be returned into the biological circle as nutrients to the environment.

The cuts and designs are made to fit, last and to make you feel comfortable.These clothes don´t smell or itch. All the items from this Cradle to Cradle® optimized collection are tailored locally and are produced socially- and enviromentally friendly at studio „Common Works“ in Berlin.

With the ambition as a human and a designer this kind of apparel is created with a powerful heartbeat for art, culture, style and life, to keep you and your surroundings happy and healthy.

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Fotos: Monika Keiler