Mona studied fashion design in Berlin and Amsterdam finished her studies with a thesis in 2007 about the environmental and social problems in the textile industry. After graduating Mona focused on alternative modes of production and sustainable-fashion.

She realized several collections for the artist collective "Elternhaus" in Hamburg and initiated the fashion project "MOSCH Fair Fashion Berlin".

In 2009, she founded as part of a group of fashion professionals the Berlin fashion production agency "Common Works".

Mona designed and implemented the world's first eco-effektive line "Trigema Change" made of "Cradle to Cradle" certified components for Trigema from southern Germany. She also worked for the "greenpeace magazine" as a designer and developer in the textile department.

Mona is a recognized expert in the textile industry and a consultant for sustainable design, recycling, closed loop, cradle to cradle. Mona's passion is to work on the transfer and application of scientific research results into practical application examples in the clothing indutry.

Together with Jan Holzhauer she founded the future fashion lab in 2015.